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STEP AP242 PDM Implementor Forum


The PDM Implementor Forum (PDM-IF) is a joint project between AFNeT and prostep ivip.
The mission of the PDM-IF is to accelerate the development and general availability of PDM interoperability solutions based on ISO open standards. These interoperability solutions rely on converters, services or transaction hubs answering to PDM interoperability industry business cases.

The goals of the PDM Implementor Forum are to:

  • Develop international PDM interoperability recommended practices documents, completing the international PDM interoperability standards,
  • Establish shared test activities in the PDM area, based on agreed and reliable methods.

The objectives, missions and high levels principles of the PDM-IF are described in the PDM-IF white paper.

They are reminded with the figures hereafter:



PDM-IF Achievements

The following STEP AP242 data exchange functionalities have been covered by the PDM-IF test rounds and recommended practices documents:

  • Web Service Requirements
  • Exchange of product structure
  • Configuration management: explicit configured product structure with serial numbers, date, rank range, occurrence effectivities
  •  Nested Assemblies
    • Based on tests already done by CAx-IF / JT-IF, but with document mgmt.
    • Part-level “sidecar” XML files for part-level properties
  • PDM System Customizations
    • Definition of customized part and documents types
    • Definition of custom (user-defined) properties for these types
    • Properties being harmonized with User Group

 In-progress and next

  • CAx-PDM interoperability
  • Multi-identification and multi-language
  • Visual Issue Management
  • Multi-views: as-designed + as-planned + as-built
  • Substitute and Alternate parts