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Support of MBSE-Interoperability Forum - June 2021


The sharing of Systems Engineering data and models between industry partners and customers is a critical capability for the development of Aerospace and Defence products. 

Considering the need to converge on common interoperability processes and standards in this field, ASD SSG recommends the creation of a Model-based Systems Engineering Interoperability Forum (MBSE-IF). 

This MBSE-IF would integrate existing standard-specific forums (like AFNeT RV&V-IF, Prostep ReqIF-IF) and extend to additional use cases (like model collaboration based on AP243 MoSSEC and sharing of simulation models).

The MBSE-IF will be based on the principles of the MBx-IF MoU supported by PDES Inc., AFNeT and prostep ivip associations.

Expected results are a set of consistent recommended practices, validated with MBSE tool vendors, allowing industry (and their clients, like MoDs) to implement distributed Systems Engineering practices based on COTS.