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Statement on STEP AP242 for CAD/PDM exchange and long term archiving - Feb. 2015

ASD recommends the use of STEP AP242 for the exchange, long term archiving and transfer to downstream processes of CAD data (mechanical design, incl. composite) and associated configuration (PDM) data. The most recent editions of the standards should be used wherever possible.

ASD encourages CAD vendors and 3D viewer Vendors to develop AP242 interfaces and visualization capabilities.

ASD encourages PDM vendors to develop PDM AP 242 interfaces and to support the setting up of the PDM Implementor Forum (planned start in 2015), in charge of the development of AP 242 XML PDM recommended practices.

This strategy will also support interoperability with modular STEP standards for other parts of the lifecycle, including AP233 “Systems engineering”, AP209 “Multidisciplinary analysis and design”, AP210 “Electronic assembly, interconnect and packaging design” and AP239 “Product life cycle support”.