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Statement on ISO 14306 JT Ed1 and Ed2 - 11 January 2013

JT version 9.5 has successfully reached the International Standard (IS) status in December 2012, as ISO 14306 "JT file format specification for 3D visualisation" (also known as "JT Edition 1").

ASD recognises the use of ISO 14306 as suitable for 3D light visualization, limited to the 3D tessellated geometry and 3D “JT BREP” representations - See JT blip.
As stated in ISO 14306: "The following are outside the scope of this International Standard: 
•       The implementation of, or definition of a run-time architecture for viewing and/or processing JT data;
•       Long term data retention;
•       non-faceted geometric data exchange"
In accordance with this, ASD does not recommend its members to use ISO 14306 for CAD 3D exact geometry data exchange or for CAD 3D long term archiving – See LOTAR blip.
In accordance with ISO /TC 184 /SC 4 resolution J of June 2012 Stockholm meeting regarding the ISO JT Ed 1 Ballot, ASD supports the development of ISO 14306 Edition 2 "including but not limited to replacing XT Brep and JT Brep with STEP curve, surface and Brep entity definitions and extending the scope to include external references to support semantic PMI for assemblies and other requirements from AP 242". The related New Work Item Proposal was adopted by ISO in December 2012.