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Statement on 3D Viewers and STEP - November 2012


  • Aerospace and Defence Industry use more and more full 3D definition without 2D drawings and archive full 3D definition in STEP standards (as recommended by NAS/EN 9300 LOTAR).
  • Current 3D Viewers are not fully able to read STEP AP203/AP214 and future AP242 files carrying the following essential information:
    • 3D Shape (exact and tessellated BREP representations)
    • PMI (polyline presentation)
    • Cross-highlight between shape and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)
    • Predefined views
    • Assembly structure.


ASD recommends that 3D viewer Vendors include not yet fully supported capabilities in their 3D viewers, and that they participate to the CAx IF(*) for qualification of their 3D viewer STEP interfaces.


(*) CAx IF: