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Harmonisation of QIF and STEP

The ASD SSG recommends to avoid duplication of ISO standards for the same scope, in order to ensure the interoperability through the full life cycle with an appropriate level of quality, and reduce level of efforts and associated risks.

The ASD SSG requires that the 3D MBD information model and format of future ISO QIF standard shall be harmonized with ISO 1030 STEP AP242.

Derivation of 3D MBD XML schema of QIF from ISO 10303 Core model: for 3D exact geometry (part 42) , 3D PMI (P47), assembly structure, features, material properties.

The QIF team should join the ISO/TC 184/SC 4 in order to contribute to the evolutions of the 3D MBD model of AP242 requested to support QIF business needs.

Note: The Quality Information Framework (QIF) is a unified XML framework standard for computer-aided quality measurement systems. It enables the capture, use, and re-use of metrology-related information throughout the PLM/PDM domain. QIF is an ANSI standard proposed for ISO standardisation.