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Product Development and Support Services Seminar - 27 September 2012 - BAWA Bristol


UKCeB Product Development & Service Support Seminar 2012
Managing information throughout the product lifecycle
27 September at BAWA Bristol
In attempting to create a coherent and affordable product lifecycle information strategy, the challenge is one of managing the plethora and diversity of product, in-service and support information that will be generated as a result.
The business issue to be solved is one of being able to track the flow of product and process information, together with managing the progress of the physical product itself – affordably, and effectively.
The Seminar will take the CADMID cycle is its basis, and be a forum for dissemination and debate and as to how the primary disciplines of Design, PLM, the ILS suite of specifications, ERP and MRO, supported by Process and Information Standards need to exist holistically to achieve affordable capability acquisition outcomes.
The question we will be seeking to answer is that whilst an information ‘single point of truth’, or a ‘whole truth model’, remains the goal in making product information readily available through-life, just how close are we to achieving an information nirvana across a disparate set of disciplines and communities of interest – and just how realistic is the goal?
Defence OEMs, solution providers and those engaged in the drive for coherent global standards will be presenting strategies and case studies that will provide for an open and informative session, and where debate and opinion will be encouraged as we seek coherent and affordable product lifecycle information strategies.
·         Forum – Facilitated discussion - Simon Harries, Verbal Remedies
·         Closing Remarks – Steve Shepherd, UKCeB