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Boostaero adoption

Boostaero website: 

ASD has validated the following Boostaero adoption statement on the 7th of July 2011:

BoostAero has developed a standardized set of procurement e-trading messages, in order to avoid a proliferation of incompatible portals. This builds on the internationally agreed set of UN/CEFACT core components for ebXML, in order to ensure interoperability with other electronic trading environments. 
ASD recommends the use of BoostAero V2.10 for the following Supply Chain transactions:
  • Supply agreement
  • Order collaboration
  • Demand Forecast collaboration
  • Supply Instruction
  • Despatch Advice
  • Receipt Advice
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI), Consigned VMI
  • Invoice, Self billing Invoice

 Accompanying document: BoostAero V2.10 description