• IG Confcall: Tuesday 2PM every 2 weeks 
  • IG+UG Confcall: Tuesday 4PM Every 2 months
  • All UGs Confcall: 4PM Tuesday Every 2 months
  • AFNeT prostep ivip coordination calls as needed


  • June workshop: 23rd and 24th in Paris
    • 1st day: IG
    • 2nd day morning: IG+UG
    • 2nd day afternoon: UG
  • December workshop: 1rst and 2nd in Darmstadt
    • 1st day: IG
    • 2nd day morning: IG+UG
    • 2nd day afternoon: UG

Next events

Joint session December 3 & 4, 2019 in Paris

For more information and registration please contact us:

Past events

Joint meetings Users and Implementors

  • PDM-IF Day #4, 05/12/2018, Darmstadt
  • PDM-IF Day #3, 29/11/2017, Paris
  • PDM-IF Day #2, 30/11/2016 & 01/12/2016 Darmstadt

PDM-IF Kick-Off Meeting September 29, 2015 - Paris

  • 30 Attendees from 17 Companies
  • Joint Sessions of Implementor Group (IG) and User Group (UG) at start and end of meeting
  • Separate sessions of IG and UG in between, to work on the respective topics and schedules
  • Successful transition from “planning / setup mode” to “working mode”, with agreed tasks and dates for the next months
  • Agreed meeting mode:
    • IG and UG will meet usually independently, as required by the respective work plans, with one joint meeting per year
    • Meetings will alternate between Paris (hosted by AFNeT) and Darmstadt (hosted by prostep ivip)

PDM-IF Members : This link to presentations